Little Jerae

Sat, 02/03/2018 - 21:30 -- Jerae

Little Jerae, 

always smile girl don’t  let no one get you down

through your pain and struggles don’t let anyone see your frown

you will with all your might jump over your obstacles and

cross the finishing line

Little Jerae,

dont let anyone tell you , you can’t do it just put your all into it

you have always had big dreams and this is your time to accomplish them

dont let anyone entice you or belittle you for you know who you are 

Little Jerae,

keep your dreams of going to school, cause you will go

jerae you’ve will go to college and graduate and beat the odds

  Little Jerae

you will be the first one in your family to graduate college

you will do scholarships and work your butt of because it pays off 

never worry about a boy,treat em like toys

just be focused on yourself and your successfulness

Little Jerae

make sure they remember your name, but never forget your story

Your story of your hard work and lonely hungry nights

Little Jerae

you will be somebody, with Jesus on your side , never forget where you came from or where your going 

take care of who took care of you and may you rise to greatness 

little jerae may  you rise to be the next oprah, the next icon that little girls and women all around look up to.

In Jesus name I pray that I will make it that little jerae won’t be so little any more , that I will just be Jerae Sanders.

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