The Little Guys

How the flower sits

so brightly lit

How perfectly it fits

how perfectly it sits

wading in the sun

always having fun

it goes along with the breeze

and so do the trees

and so do the leaves

and so do the seas

how lovely it is

 it if you were to see this

you'd never see that

You might see flat

But if you sat

waded and waited

for you mind to be shaded

from all that is dated

Of All that is fated

Have it all fade

and just look at what is made

And how it flows

And how it goes 

and what it shows

and how it's sown 

into your mind

for when you're stressed

this you'll remember

this'll be your very best

And apart of that memory is a flower

small yes

but big in essence

it may not be big

may no be noticed

but it takes little guys 

to create the biggest bosses.

This poem is about: 
Our world



In all honesty I am surprised to see you have replied to my comment. I am glad you enjoyed my poems. I went and looked at this poem, the one you suggested to me and I took the liberty of looking at a few of your other works. Your poems are different, but in a good way. As for the fact that my poems remind you of yourself, well maybe the one whom I am writing about and you have things in common? Because I'm afraid I don't really know you. Unless you count reading your poems as knowing you. As for the matter of me being a Daisy, well I am sorry to disappoint but I am not one. I will tell you though, I am more of a Rose. - Uninteresting_Flower

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