This little girl


She remembers herself as a little girl. A little girl with a crooked smile and curly pigtails bouncing around. That little girl so full of energy and spirit, lining her dolls up in a row. Pretending to be a teacher and giggling with her friends as she tries to act serious.

Without a care in the world except for playing with her friends and dolls, this little girl has big dreams. While some are so far-fetched she laughs it off, and then others she pretends to be.

Soon that innocent little girl grows into a middle school student. Middle school, the weirdest years of her life begin to form her. No longer with pigtails, but an oddly cut hairstyle. Never quite feeling a part of a group, and awkwardly standing aside. This little girl faced difficulties with her own self-image, and never quite feeling good about herself. Now this little girl only sees her own reflection in the mirror, and with disgust turns away. Those big dreams now change to selfish ones. She only wants happiness for herself and doesn’t care about anyone else.

Those years roll by and now this little girl is in high school. Supposedly the best years of her life, right? The past three years are a complete blur for that little girl. She only remembers slowly beginning to feel happy with herself and has friends that truly care about her.

As senior year rolls around, the little girls begins to reflect on her life.  With graduation just around the corner, this little girl finally grows up to follow her dreams. Instead of lining up her dolls in a row, she now envisions little boys and girls sitting in their desks. Teaching has been on her mind since even a small tike, and now her dreams will slowly begin to become her reality.

This little girl is me.


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