The Little Flower

St. Theresa ( The Little Flower)

A cross held high
through her poor estate
should would grow through the solace
a respectable young youth
by her testimony many would flock
to the divine order she would arrive

loving hands to unfold, sharing & caring
the debris lining the outside street
people to meet
she had a heart saturated with truth
in order to withstand the truest test of time

Embraced by the holy spirit to her heart
silence, darkened pillars, cathedral decorum, ministry advice
solace, spiritual aspects, alone & quiet
to relish the given ambiance of being still in the moment
she made her way into are hearts
loving hands to unfold love's outpouring

to take part in the dance of life
a beacon of light to a much hurting world in need
little flower adore her sweet fragrance
Jesus has manifested your magnificence
sometimes in a trance to realize the masters plan
it was only in pray where the sweet melodic embrace unfold
cascading falls with the desire to help the mass population

the sick, elderly & widow
shelter lies dormant amidst it's beckoning plow
a challenge to be free was a question of time
She was a Catholic the faith she had embraced
the little flower we can look to for heavenly peace

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