Little Boy

You said goodbye.
I said wait why?

When i needed you the most
That's when you bounce the most.

All I ever wanted was to talk.
All you ever wanted was to walk.

Walk in front of me.
Walk behind me.

It always was just you, you, you.
Till I realized,
I needed it to be me, me, me.

I realized I never wanted you
I wanted the illusion of you.

The illusion became reality.
Not you though,

I learned to love myself
Without loving anyone else (except cheesecake).

I learned to fight for myself,
Without anyone fighting for me.

Don't get me wrong.

You're still cool,
But I am

You're still cute,
But I am

You're still sma-
Oh wait!

If you were really smart
You would've realized
What you had all along.

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