A little bit of enlightenment

Eyes closed, though even so seeing that which is so beautifully, magnificently whole.
Rising from raised arch,
Supported on breath up through the knees to balance, to love, to expression, to inquisition and present maintenance via drishti.
A speck. The entirety of the universe.
Everything there possible could be, is.
So perfectly placed by the infinite hands of all that one. 
It's known, movement is key.
For thanks to the way this roll movement accentuates stillness, and with it that clear it is so easy to just relax and simply, so simply, be.
Identification takes us a step back,
and this causes no crippling effect.
So long as the awareness of that step is maintained.
With a little bit of attention put toward the staircase, 
Pretty soon you find yourself walking right out of that cave.
You see I've subjected myself to learning the anatomy, and the physiology, and the psychology, and the biology. 
But I never considered the little bit of pathology residing within me.
Can you think a thought and let it go?
It is not necessary to acquire, to grow. Warm comfortable embrace that separates. 
Will you step on out and reveal your true face?
Voices speak, or at lest they considered it.
And what is released into the atmosphere at that moment is energy, boundless.
It is not held back or pent up.
Neither is it wrapped around an idea that tethers itself to form and so prevents a moment of inescapable ecstasy that is bound to flood in,
like those we find with in a child's grin.
An indescribable joy is afloat. 
Supported by the easily done yet so amazingly intricate act that is what we humans do whether we're grounded, in the air, or on a boat.
I need you to come out for me.
And make me realize that what I see is just what I see.
It was asked,
"how does one know what one needs?" 
The answer becomes quite clear,
when one becomes One, 
and breathes.


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