:Literature is My Cover Up

Fri, 11/06/2015 - 20:16 -- mmegill

Literature is My Cover Up

I am a girl who reads
I find comfort in worn pages
The spaces between each word hold each sentence with a since of security
I am a girl who understands ambiguous vocabulary and the linguistics of syntax
I am a girl who holds literature as a life line And when I am fenced in by a sea of people and I feel as though they are an oxygen thief; I read
Literature is my sanctuary 
It has taught me moments of tenderness that come in sporadic intervals 
I know disappointment
I know hesitation 
I know a lie
I am a girl who reads for an intriguing plot
The patience of a sharp ridged climax 
I know the tragedy of a farewell to an end
Oh I know, I have said goodbye to many-
I am a girl who reads Austin, Cormac, and Heminginway
Reading is who I am
I have never struggled
Fiction is imaginary and this is reality;
I never saw you coming
Love came out of no where and made me question who I am
I am a girl who reads
I read satires, comedies, and my favorite romance
It was my getaway but It was always fiction 
When love came knocking
When love came Pounding on my door-
I had no choice but to open
Love came up to me and discussed literature
Wait. What? This can't be real
Love had no sense of time
I am now a girl who renders giggles and laughter willing
I am now a girl who grasps what
All those books
All those poems 
All those articles 
were emphasizing 
Love you can take my breath
As long as you are there to catch it
I am now a girl who picks love up when love is down so we can both fly-
Love was sitting on my floor putting on vans ready to leave
Without a moments of notice
This time I was not ready to say farewell 
I am a girl who reads and was not prepared for this
Love set a turbulent inside me and it was enough to cause a riot
Five words came to mind
"You are leaving, aren't you?"
Moments of haze and confusion overtook
I could only think that I am a girl who reads
Love we are not an "almost"
Love we are the dog and cat we will name
We are the flat that we will call home
And love you taught me what books could not teach
I am beautiful
I am beautiful
I am beautiful

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