Literary Expression


I am not a poet,

but, I am aware that I am a Writer. 

I can't specify what I'm set out to Write. 


in an academic world

I am catergorized. 

And, all my I's are combed out of me. 

So I lie on the grass, study every spear, 

and, hope that what I produce 

isn't compartmentalize. 


What I 'm most certain of is,

the concept of the exprimentation

that can occur with the most beautiful 

art form of expression. 


And, that sole reason

is  what completes "me"

as a writer. 

       And, it completes "we".

We as those involved in societies,

who are connected by either reading or writing. 

And, in most cases connected by both. 

So we as in, 

you, the reader. 

and, we as in,

I, the Writer . 







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