Listen to My Silence


I speak in silence

For actions speak louder than words they say

Though, my actions are not accounted for, rather they are turned away. 


He speaks for me

My body, my mind, my soul, 

They are not truly mine; he speaks for control. 


I am put on trial every day

To be this type of lady like perfection

Though, the standards he sets leaves me to feel neglection. 



I will not let Mr. Man, who sits high and mighty 

Create these laws and speak for My Body. 


Does he know, the cramps and pain I feel

When the red river of life flows from My Body?

Does he know, the names I am called 

When I were the clothes, I want to feel comfortable in My Body?

Does he know, the tears I’ve cried

For equal rights, that are taken away from me because of My Body?

Does he know, the fear I face

To feel pleasure, for My Body is not ready to reproduce.



So, Mr. Man, who sits all high and mighty

Tell me why you think you have the right the control My Body?


Poetry Slam: 
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country



This poem is about how not only myself but every women is under control of the mean how creat laws about womens bodies.

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