Listen :By Jeremy MacDonough



I dare to evoke emotions

unspoken of

out of sheer unclearness

of the weird of which I look at.


Speechless before you now

I don't frown,

but kneel down and believe

in the destiny I've laid before me.

I dust off the climbing shoes

and parooze to the top shelf where I,

once over eye,

the collection of thoughts I've

stuffed into these shelves,

before I delve

into the

next best feeling I've ever felt.


I melt.


I stand tall above it all,

and crumble quickly as I fall

all the way down shoots and ladders;


I couldn't be much gladder that this

sun isn't done just shining for me. Believe

it or not,

I know it shows for you too, I knew

it had a purpose that was beyond provoking blue,

so that you too

could see these deep feelings that

stumble up from beneath me,

to teach me,

and in that sense...need me. Just


as the listener defines the preacher,

I'm near, sir,

to a silver sliver of life

givin' me shivers

of all kinds up and down my



So take the ride in,

and be done hidin',

it's your life to give so

why not give it all you got,

no matter how many shots

this possibility wants to give you.


I pray you


unstick the glue to

move faster and deeper,

to the true you

buried under so much hue.


Don't be blinded by my

vividly decided

words I've slided out from my mind

and did

the impossible,


or so they might say in this day

and age. For,


fate cant escape the

time it resides with

and chose to

comply with. For,


if it is so simple you might say,

then any day is the day

to make your vision

your day-to-day.

I say!

What a mad idea;

it's so...


...such a melody a

flaw or imperfection could surely

never be found.



So this is, my love,

my throw you round and round



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