I breathe, my soul rent, my heart shattered
I wander in darkness?
What path to take
Where do I linger when only my fingers guide me 
I fear each step, tremble at the cost
Loathing each decision, and finger the deliberation
No turning back, just passing through
My path is set, determination fights paranoia
I rage into the night
My fingers bleed with each sharp corner
When shall I see the light beyond?
There I know I will find you....
In the cold barren maze
My mind reels against my logic
As a predator 
I smell your scent masculine and heady
I touch your shoulder, broad and muscled
Even as blind as I am, I know my heart
My tongue craves your salty textures
My heart chases after the sweet nectar
Delights derived only from your kiss
What wonders can we explore there?
When I find you, no darkness shall prevail
Fear be gone, I will find myself in the pools of your soul
Give me breath, heal my soul and mend my heart
Make me the whole creature once more
A pet by your side


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