Line of Poets

I like saying that poetry is in my blood.

My mother is a poet, and I'm proud of this fact.

Although I haven't read many of her poems, my mother has shown me her favorite poems and some of her other works. 

Knowing we share this bond makes me feel closer to her.

I've always been considered an excellent writer, and I know I get my skills from her.

The first time I recall writing seriously was in the 5th grade for a contest.

My mother urged me to write, and after a sentence or two I was heavily invested in my piece.

I wrote about a wizard who bottled up his emotions, and upon their release they congregated into a monster that rampaged across the city.

The monster was turned into a puppy when a little girl gave it her friendship, and the moral of the story was that it's bad to bottle up your emotions.

The story won 1st place and went on to get an honorable mention in the district's version of the contest.

I considered it to be poetry because of its message, and the experience shaped my definition of poetry.

In the 6th grade, I joined my middle school's creative writing club, and allowed myself to be exposed to more traditional styles of poetry.

I wrote many haikus and poems in prose, and I realized that it was a fantastic outlet to express how im feeling to the outside world.

Throughout high school, I've written less, and kept my pieces private.

The things I write nowadays are to assess my emotional state at the moment.

Poetry has contributed greatly to my intellectual and emotional growth, and it's all because of my mother.


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