Liminal Space

I meet with you in liminal space.


They say: ten seconds of understood silence can mean more than ten years of talking.

I do not know who they is, but they bleed wisdom

They also say that the opposite of wisdom is love

For it is so unwise to fall in love

And look at us,

hopelessly in desire for the other

There is nothing smart about loving you,

it wrecks my mind with a mill of running thoughts

But nobody said happiness was wise either


The days are long,

the years are short


I will be home soon

If home is the space between you and I,

we have only made our home bigger

It stretches across the planet with reckless abandon

Playing no regard to oceans or trees

It swims and laughs and eats delights

Tethered between you and me


The grass is always green

But there is something about your love grazing my skin

That gives me goosebumps

Travelling faster than the speed of light


The things we do everyday

matter more than once in a while

So let me tell you,

I love you

With an ache as delicious and sticky as dates


I believe in the value of presence not product

I admit it can be hard to feel

But everyday you wake up smiling

Is because I am right there with you


We do not just survive

We thrive

A rarity

I cherish


Wings ready to unfurl in the same sky

Did you hear that?

Same sky

That we both search for the other

This poem is about: 
My family


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