Lighter Fluid

Since age 17 I have dedicated my summer breaks to searching for the next step. Each page I swim in in a refresh to my already worn shoes, and so I continue to drink these words in hopes of reinforcing my worn down soul. In my quest for consistency, I have remedied falsehood with abandonment-- the future belongs to those who are bold in letting go of the past. My father once looked me in the eyes that I had bruised with my very own thoughts and said, "I love... Me!" Those three words are a record I have broken for convenient use during the moments I'm not so sure I can love.

I now see what the sages saw: we are doomed by our morose thoughts and intricate ability to differentiate ourselves as superior. Imagine the change we could live if we only smiled instead of infecting our hearts with the poison of judgement!

Who am I?

A small, fragile creature who is part of a species that once believed WE were the center of the universe! We have come a long way, but not very much has changed. If we cannot claim the Universe's limelight, well, we must rule the world. It is either US or THEM. YOU or ME. CHRISTIAN or JEWISH. MUSLIM or BUDDHIST... BREATHE! For just a moment! We are living in the second Great Awakening and you are missing every scene!

Our lives will be over sooner than we can imagine, but that does not mean we must live to die.

Loosen your tie, unbuckle your belt, remove the apron from your neck and remember what it means to be a HUMAN! Taste the salt in the ocean, smell the pines, listen to bird's melody and feel the breeze of life as it rejuvenates your spirits.

Death is certain, living is not.

But when that time comes, and we are summoned by the All Mighty, we will be among two people.

I chose to be among those who saw the single star that filled the city sky, and not the darkness that engulfs it.



I need help how can I improve in writing poems I have really bad writers block.


This speaks.... and its loud!

S. Shadd

I love this. Time only moves forward, life is short, and hate is a waste of time. Superb!

Nina Campos

hi, I don't know if you're active still?

I just wondered if you could take a look at the spoken word poetry I just did right now.

I just want to make sure i'm confident about my writing..

I guess you can just check it on my profile?


Hi I was wondering if you can go through some of my poems and critique them. All my poems are 

mainly about what I have gone through and how I felt during specific moments or things that have came

to my life. So I would appreate it if you spent some of your time and readthrough my poems.

Please and Thank you.


can you check my raps and leave some feedback? Im trying to get some scholarships here and help is greatly appreciated. 

Tara Snyder

A work of art.(also i don't want to be rude but im a new writer and would like some attention for my first peice can you serve some assistance)-Tara


I have so much in common with you! I am a Muslim woman who started writing my junior year, after listening to hip hop and rap my whole life. I am slightly younger than you, and I feel that there is a level of wisdom you have that I have yet to reach. Our writing styles are very different and I am very new to this, but I would love it if you took a look at my poetry and gave me some input and maybe some validation haha. I would really appreciate it! 


I am a newbie on powerpoetry, although it might not look like it by the number of poems i've already submitted. I would love some tips on mine, though, cause I over-criticize myself sometimes. I did credit the last poem I wrote to this one, being that it has the same title, sorry if that is offensive. Thanks and would greatly appreciate some feedback.


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