Light a match on the bridge of your past

Hurry up and cross the bridge to the future and leave the hell your in fast,
Before the fire consumes the bridge to your future and my past,
If you can't remember what they created,
Remember the time you watched him in pain exhilarated,
As he would have chose you over a million dollars,
Because he wouldn't want a dollar,
If he couldn't spend it on you,
Even though the best part and the first clue,
You never asked about the money,
But there is what they did and it must be funny,
To understand how gross they are,
Especially after he has proved how far,
He would go and what he can do,
For love if it was only for you,
But you have to prove,
You would move,
Heaven and earth,
In your search,
To be with the best guy,
You have ever seen and, That You can't deny.

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