Light Amidst Shadows

I cower in darkness, 

A darkness that shines, 

A darkness that grows, 

A darkness that overcomes. 


My reason stumbles, 

My will succumbs. 

Where is the Savior? 

Where is the Redeemer? 


Where is He who was promised? 

In this world I find Him not, 

Neither by faith nor by reason. 

Who then can be saved? 


Intelligence can't save us: 

It is weak, it is refutable, 

It is ignored, it is limited. 

Reason rose and fell. 


Goodness can't save us: 

It is corruptible, it is misguided, 

It is mutable, it is uncommon. 

Free-will grew and diminished. 


And what is left? 

What other thing can save us? 

And my eye finds the light, 

A flame in the darkness. 


He is correct who said, 

"The world shall be saved by Beauty," 

For only beauty moves the heart, 

Only beauty renders the human spirit vulnerable. 


Man is saved by beauty: 

The beauty that hides itself in reality, 

The beauty that grows from the Resurrection,  

The beauty that transcends time; 

The beauty that renews human life!


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