Life's Party

Is that all I am to you?

I’m just another drunk girl at Life’s party.

Drunk on alcohol? No.

Drunk on the hurting.

It’s so reoccurring and my vision is blurring,

Decisions crinkling…

You ask me to trust you, my brow is wrinkling.

I know I shouldn’t, but like I said,

I’m drunk on the hurt and maybe you can cure it,

Make me feel for two seconds even if it’s worthless.

I’m broken and sick,

Let myself fall for your trick,

Those pretty words you pour into my head through my ear.

Not one is sincere.

My thoughts are unclear.

It tidal-waves back up and

I’m drowning in the hurt again.

Can you get hurt-poisoning?

Maybe if I drink enough hurt, I won’t have to cry.

Maybe I can drink enough hurt that I’ll die.

No, that’s a lie.

Hurt destroys the soul, not the body.

So… I’ll just try to keep up with the party.

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