Lifeless Letters

As much as I care

betrayal never strayed from you

Considering I loved you since the last

December, I never

envied the way she looked at you.


Four months passed since the last I love you

God damn you had such a way to make me miss your words

Have mercy on my soul, but your words linger through my mind.

I have never envied the way he cared for you.


Just a touch of your skin and  I was all yours

Killing me slowly with your stare

Loving you was never what I ached for

My oh my, darling, have I never hurt when she told you “I love you”


November it is, months have passed.

Oh my love, do I miss the smell of your perfume

Perhaps I do miss you, but no longer do you miss me.

Questions wander throughout if you even loved me before you laid your lips upon his.


Ravishing you looked the night I picked you up

so we can lay under the trees and gaze at the stars.

The one night I felt the most love for you was the night you

unravelled the truth to me.

Very soon I unveiled the truth that you loved her right after me.


Why do terrible things happen to those who feel too much?

Xanax and

Yukon jack are both now what fills my aching soul

Zillions of people to hurt, and you chose to kill me.



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