The life that is woven through a poem

Poetry can be five words or fifty,

Poetry can be two lines or twenty.

The words have no meaning ,

no life, no rife.

That is until the heartrings of the poetizer,

weave the words togther.

Two people can say the same twenty words,

both in different combinations and tones,

both with different heart strings,

both with different meaning.

As for I,

Poetry breathes the story of my life,

as I cry in the depths ,

as I fligh high above the cities,

and as I lie in center of the universe.

Poetry explains to me the fullness of life, 

as my grandmother never did,

and teaches me how I should live,

as I wish my grandmother had.

The heartstrings of a poem do more than give a poem meaning,

they give the poem life,

they explain my life.

This poem is about: 
My family


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