Life Without you my Long Lost Friend

Dear Long Lost Friend,

I remember feeling melancholy as I heard that you had left, thinking of you running like the wind, flying high into the clouds like a soaring kite. I told you to get lost in this entrancing new adventure, and not even think of where you’re going, but to run like the wind until you hit a dead end and you feel as if you're safe.

Remember the strength of the love your old friends have for you. It’s only when you can draw your future out with confidence and nirvana you know you’re where you should be.

It’s only until you’ve lost everything you’re free to do anything; until then my long lost friend you remain picking up bits and pieces of shattered memories trying to create the very imagery of the path you think leads you to your destiny. But not to fret my friend, I will always be here waiting until I hear the ring of the phone, the hum of your voice, shedding light on the dark corners of my blatant life; or see your face smiling it all off like everything’s all right. That thought that puts the flutter of butterflies in my stomach, the joy into my very exsistence.

If life is a game of survival to you then I know how that feels. Seek the light that leads you to the soul fulfilling place, entranced in collateral beauty sheding light upon your destiny.

I remember you? Do you remember me? I remember you my long lost friend. Someone who I fell involve with over and over again.


        Sarah Sutherburg

This poem is about: 
My family


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