Life Unexpected


United States
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The media with their statistics goes on for days
No man should be older than 25 these days
Every black girl should have ‘bout 2, 3 maybe four babies
White man responsible for wars & doing every black crazy
Life is unexpected every life has its blessings
Some people make it out the ghetto ‘kuz they passed all their life tests
See me, I was cut from a different sheet of paper
Went to high school graduated and got that stamped & sealed paper
Life went just the opposite of how the statistics told me they’d go
All until the period was missed and it was to the doctor I go
Christmas Eve was the day and the time 2:32pm
“Ma’am urinate in this” she said as she stepped out of the room
These were the longest 15 minutes I had ever experienced in life
Til’ she came back in & told me I conceived life
Should I cry? Should I smile? I was surely unaware of what to do
So I called my mother and told her I was gone be a mom at 22
She got quiet then she spoke guess the elephant had left the room
Life unexpected, I got my blessing and my daughter is expected soon



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