Life As Travel

Mon, 07/29/2013 - 13:31 -- Myther

Stepping to the beat

dancing in the silence

swaying in the stillness

standing in the storm

step by step

walk the walk

talk the talk

trail the sidelines

crossing pathways

on the tangle

absolute mess

that brings

us all together

travel by the road

on the highway

on a boat

by train

by air

by your ever faithful feet

striding through

or easing by

eyes up

head bowed






crawling to a standstill

picking up speed

the change as life moves

as we flourish

or we die

humanity on parade

no straight lines

or concave walls

no policing

no escpaing

the trails

that waver in and out

the pathways here and there

the construction

and the lanslides

redirecting all the time

as we all travel

travel the complexities of life

the pitfulls

and the escalators

doubling back

or skipping a path

travel down

travel up


sometimes stop

stop to smell the rain

stop to cry and howl

stop to turn around

stop and slow down

stop and look around

at the knots

and the ties

that seem to run

all roads together





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