Life Sucks!

Life Sucks!

Life sucks when folks you trust keep failing you time and again
Life sucks when you get kicked by ones you thought will be your saviours
Life sucks when beautiful adorable faces of guardian angels turn ugly
Life sucks when all your struggles and hard work comes to a naught
Life sucks when despite giving your best proves just not good enough
Life sucks as things don't turn up the way you wish and want them to be
Take a pause, few deep breaths, look around and try to be in control
Things are not what they may appear, everything still isn't lost yet
Just think of those wonderful people who make your life meaningful
Think of those wildest dreams you wish to fulfill one day
Think of all those exotic locations you plan to visit one day
Think of all those yummy dishes you promised to relish one day
Life never sucks because things didn't happen the way they should have
Life is too beautiful and precious to suck, just make it rock

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