Life Is A Race


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Life is a race in which we all must run
Some waste their strides on pointless bliss and worldly fun
Others burdened down by the pressure of the race
Can't seem to rise again and take their winning place
We strive to win in this pursuit of life, so we run with all our might
But often get distracted by the disires of this life
Caught up in temptation, can we even win this fight?
This I know for sure, this race of life is hard
Only to be run with tears and battle scars.
With Satan in our ear, he contaminates our minds
To lead our souls off track, so we'll in-turn be left behind.
He traps us with his lust and makes us think that we can't break it
So we tend to settle for less, and try to fake it till we make it
Only to find out that we can't cheat ourselves in this race,
We try to journey on, but we don't know if we cdan take it.
We begin to stumble, fall, and lose our steady pace,
Our knees begin ot hit the ground, and we begin to lose the race.
The devil again is in our ear to make us admit defeat,
But with our knees now on the ground, we send up a prayer of faith.
We lift our head and dust our hands and see an awaited sign.
We look up in the distance and see the finish line
We get up off the ground and scuttle to the end
With the finish line in view, we now know that we will win
We make it to the finish line, with God waiting for us right behind
My son you've overcome this journey of challenges and strife
Well done my son, well done, you've finished the race of life.


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