Life Before Our Eyes

Tears run,
And shadows crawl,
For all of those who've lost it all.

Food is less,
And hunger more,
All our hope is out the door.

Sorrow hearts,
And weakened souls,
As we hold our empty bowls.

Stomachs growl,
And mouths are dry,
Every day one more dies.

Hardships faced,
And the challenge failed,
Wishing that there was a bail.

Many sick,
And many ill,
As our life intends to kill.

Prayers sent,
And helping hands,
But some just want the promise land.

The loudest thing has happened now,
As the silence goes all around.
We lay here waiting for our fate to come,
And one by one we start to hum.
The last sound from our lips,
We feel the air as we start to slip.


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