Life Is Nothing Bout A Joke

Living life is Nature’s gift.
There millions of people just exist and
wandering the earth in search of this life.
The sad thing is when people witness this so call life,
they only get to see it at afar and view it.
We only nearly get a taste of the Holy Grail we call life.

The opinion that I see is the
worst thing is the life we
search for at the ends of the
earth is right in front of our face.
That thing we sit in front of
for hours at a time that we call a TV.
We get to see, not grasp or touch,
just witness what we nearly help molded into,
what then turns into their futures.

We are called fans and nothing else,
so we need to stop the pro-longing of what we already know,
and if we keep watching this box, we won't grow.
So we need to get up and molded the wanting into something that can be showed.
Life is like an inside joke, but everyone else wishes they were in it thou.


Mafi Grey

Please comment as much as you can. It motivates me to write, when i have an audience behind me. Thanks

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