A Life With More Meaning

I am just a small part of this huge world

I am like a moth is to a flame

I am drawn to my own problems that to you seem nothing more than pearls

And like many others I react to them in vain.


I only see what affects my future

I worry about my grades and hanging out with my friends

When a siuation arrives wether or not im engaged it depends

On how much it affects my road and path to success.


But lately I wonder if my life is just about me

Or if I surve a better purpose and that pupose is to be

A person of concern for the lives of others

A blessing not in disguise to what you may call many sisters and brothers


I want to be a person called a problem solver

I want to be what may seem very cliche

I want to cloth the clothless and help someone who is helpless

I want to feed someone who is hungry and be kind to whomever I may



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