Life in the Modern World

Thu, 02/12/2015 - 19:16 -- MLE

What if life had it’s own Google search bar

Or some sort of how to app

That explained all that needed explanation

And filled in all of the gaps


What if life had a backspace key

To erase the mistakes we’ve made

So we could have been loud instead quiet

Or left instead of stayed


What if life had an auto correct

That fed us suggestions as we went along

We could consider all possible decisions first

And then figure out what’s right and wrong.




The message is all the what ifs in life sometimes I wonder that to. I wish we could have that because maybe what could BE changed would make me a more stronger me or a more wiser me.This poem is very good more like amazing ,fantastic .i enjoyed it

Please check out my poems if you can thank you so much  

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