Life, Love and Law

I'm being passed by so many of you.

You're glancing or gawking without a clue,

I'm not into you.


My friends, we laugh about who we saw;

I reluctantly agree with their bountiful desires in awe.

The ways of their naure are enforced law.


I'm always being asked if I'm spoken for,

Hiding in plain sight is life; but life is more.

When can that start? Neither my home nor


School thinks I'll make it to heaven. That's not true!

My beliefs, My God have nothing to do with you.


God is love; love is the fillment of the true law.

So why am I being condemed or considered a flaw?


Me hiding when society flaunts their sins? This is war!

For I should Not be someting you abhore.


I must find peace; He is who I will look up to.


Christain and Gay? Yes, in the raw.


Life, I won't stay behind that door.




Guide that inspired this poem: 



Life as a girl who grew up and continues to live in the strict Christian community. Jesus is God, and God is love.

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