Life is Liberation from Ignorance and Finding true Enlightenment

What is Life, have you ever thought?It is not just to exist, have you forgot?Is there a greater purpose for us here on earth? Is there more to achieve in this human birth? We humans want to be happy, but why are we sad? We live in ignorance and feel that Life is badWhen will we stop and go on a quest?When will we be enlightened and in peace will we rest? We are all prisoners, we are not freeWe all live in cages, suffering is our fee Because we don’t find out what is the Truth We live in ignorance and we face the brute! I too lived in ignorance for 40 long yearsI lived with anxiety and I lived with my fearsUntil one day I found out what was trueAnd then my Life changed with happy colours and hues My Spiritual Master asked me to go on a quest To put every belief of mine to test“Wake up,” he said, “and realize the truth Ask and investigate till you get to the root!” I found that happiness has 3 little peaksBut man is so petty, just pleasure he seeksFew of us are lucky, we are content with our need And don't become prisoners of our lust and our greed  The ego and the mind, they both make us sadWe think these are us, but they are the ones who are bad They are our biggest enemies, they stop the realization From ignorance and suffering, our Life’s liberation When we realize who we are and why we are hereWe become free from ignorance and every possible tear We can then live blissfully with happiness and cheer Today and tomorrow, and right through the year Happiness is all about being in the nowNot shuttling in thoughts and losing a Life that’s wow The past is gone, the future not yet bornBut we waste our Life as this shuttling goes on What is Life, have you ever thought?“Are you just existing?” this question you forgot If we are liberated from myth and ignorance Then our Life will have a new fragrance There are many beliefs that create unhappinessWe live with superstitions, the truth we missBut because these are things that we all have been taught We accept these things which in fact must be forgot Don't we see that nothing is ours at death? Life is a journey and lasts till our breathThe fact is that we have just a few years to live Why hate and regret, why not just forgive? We all want to be happy and we chase successWe think that success is happinessBut when we look around, we find the rich are sadIf money could create happiness, then the rich should be glad Fools we are, in ignorance we liveWe can be happy if we just learn to give Instead, we earn and earn and earn Only for others to burn what we earn We don’t realize that death is not the endThe body dies but for the mind, it’s just a bend There is a Universal Law on earthAs per our actions, will be our rebirth I learned about things that make people cryWe wail in misery without asking questions, “Why?” Life is a treasure, and this gift we loseBecause we don’t discriminate, because we don’t choose Our goal is Liberation, to be free from the myth The purpose of Life is to realize the truthI learned that if we go on a quest, we will find Joy, peace, and bliss of a very different kind But instead, we are building fortunes that will not be ours Sure, we may be rich and have monetary showersBut what is the use if our heart is full of tearsWhat is the use of Life if it is filled with fears! Because we don’t understand the true meaning of Life We live with misfortune, with misery and strife Rather we must go on a quest, the Truth to findAnd be Enlightened about Ego, Body and Mind Our goal is just one - to merge with the Divine Instead, we live chasing wealth, women, and wineWe go on and on like rats in this raceDon’t reach our destination, we get caught in the maze There are in this world just a lucky fortunate fewWho wake up every morning before the sky turns blue They meditate, they contemplate the true meaning of Life They cut through the ignorance with a sharp little knife They are the ones who live a Life full of blissThey love all, knowing love is not just a kissThey overcome the ignorance that envelops most of usThey find true enlightenment in Divinity that surrounds us What is Life in the final analysis?It’s about being peaceful and finding happiness But far more than just living with bliss and Joy Is to discover Life’s purpose before Life goes by What is Life, the Truth we must knowIt’s Liberation from Ignorance knowing this is just a show It’s about Realization that gives us LiberationFinding true Enlightenment and Divine Unification 

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