Life Lessons & Struggles Gain You Some Muscle

Friends turn fake, to trust is a mistake
Someone can swear to secrecy, but its not rare for it to break
So watch the friends that you make, before its too late
Life f*cks you over but you keep yourself from getting raped
Homies over hoes, Family over other people that you know
I can teach & preach what a brother & mother speak to you as you grow
Life seems to start slow, but growin up comes a little faster
Life story is a book you write with laughter and continuemnt of chapters
Highlight your lifes importance image if your mom had an abortion
Life cycle’s a fast circle 24 hours a day, no Jeff Gordon
Love is a strong emotion, hate will drown you in an ocean
And whirlpool of lies, as you try to hold a grudge just to show them
That they aren’t worth the time all of the long nights cryin
Relationships turn complicated when you are the only one thats tryin
Inside you feel yourself dyin, Make you wanna roar like a Lion
Scream out your anger & emotions & stop bein nice and kind
But that ain’t the right approach, you should value the little things the most
Keep ya head up, if you fed up, you won’t get stronger if you don’t


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