life as I know it

Tue, 01/14/2014 - 20:17 -- Amakhut

Brothers an sisters 

fathers an mothers 

please don't judge me now

for i didn't understand how my life would turn out

I've been a good girl a very good girl so far 

but then life hit me an my does life hits hard

i fared the worst the up most worst of it all

but i didn't know id fear this icy cold  call

my heart my lonely aching soul 

feels the abuse an coldest of this world 

i have something new something i have never told 

I killed myself an now my story shall be told

see this is personal, real deeper than love 

I thought i was healthy 

but then it became addicting like a drug 

i was so sweet 

so charming your little girl you loved

she was innocent so precious

why i give her  up?

simple.harsh. but straight to the point 

the little girl your raised was being abused an rushed 

she loved a boy who loved so many 

but she knew he wanted her out of the plenty

so she took her clothes off for him

gave her all for his attention 

an now he left her to grief an miss all his affection

she trusted him so they didn't use protection

now shes dying an had an infection

now she hopes an prays 

but she knows he cam

so now she might need abortions 

time to cover up an drape over myself 

cant believe i did this to myself 

now mothers an fathers

please help! 

but warn your children before they need your help




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