Life as I knew

Life as I knew

Growing up in Philly

All this crime was all but silly

Dad was never there 

Nor was he anywhere 

But mommy was in sight 

She made my world so bright 

As a kid I didn’t know 

That being poor wasn’t a show

I worked two jobs to help out

The money I made had me in doubt 

After years of struggle no hope in sight 

My mother made sure that I never lost this fight 

She had me stay in school

She made me think I was cool

No nice sneakers 

No nice phone 

but what she gave me was a feeling that I wasn’t alone

After years of struggle we finally left

Our lives in that city felt like a theft 

But now that I looked back all I can say 

I’ll still be with my mother even when she turns grey 

this is my poem I hope you can learn 

this is what I seek something I yearn 

My life cane quick it really flew 

but this is my life, the life as I knew



This poem is about: 
My family
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