The Life I Chose

Wed, 02/02/2022 - 12:07 -- Vinsont

I remember it like it was yesterday
I had just joined college, in fact it was my first day
Beautiful, they were, prettier than flowers on a sunny day
I was in an Imaginary world, felt like the king of that day

It was on that night that marked the Genesis of my Fate,on a fresher's night
Oooh poor village boy, it was a night full of light
Soo caring she was, thought me what the village never did, everything seemed right
Inseparable,we were, I felt like a homeless bird in a morning light

It didn't last long, I felt weak, a sign all wasn't well, I was loosing my energy
My Princess kept on taking her pain killers, she said it eases her allergy
That's when it downed on me, I might also be a victim of my Princess's allergy
It's true, I was a victim, too late it was for me to make a scenery

Life turned meaningless
Ladies turned useless
I became hopeless
I felt helpless

At last I had to come to terms, that was the life I chose
Living with my Princess's allergy was hard, but I had no other wise
It's now part of me, deeply rooted in my veins,
how I wish I was wise


I don't have to cry anymore
I just have to sleep thinking more
Cause this was the life I greed for more
Everytime I pushed they creeped in more

Unfortunately this was the life I chosešŸ˜¢

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My community
Our world
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