Life is a Highway

People think that they understand you.

They don't know what you go through on a daily basis.

The arguments that you have with yourself about every little decision.

Whether to take another bite or to look good in your swimsuit.

The pressure pushes you to the breaking point.

Know that you have trouble with school, but act as if you don't.

Lost in a sea full of strangers.

Lonely surrounded by those who call themselves your friends.

They don't see anything wrong on the outside.

What reason do they have to believe anything different.

They don't know that you are breaking on the inside.

That with every step life gets a little bit harder.

Your silent pleas for help go unheard.

When they look at you, they don't see a person in need.

Rather, they see a person who seems to be perfect.

Little do they know that you are fighting a constant battle.

Trying to find out the right answer.

Then you realize that there is no answer.

Only the journey through life that we all have to endure.

Can we do this on our own?

Do we need help?

Or is the path that we are on one that is destined to fail?

On this highway called life, are we going to crash?

Or is it possible to get to the end of the road safely?



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