Life Goes On

When I was a little girl, about the age of five,

I had irrelevant thoughts that sent my brain into overdrive.

What should I do? What will my dolly wear?

Hey, can you play with me? Where’s my favorite bear?

Playing outside, riding my bike

Taking my toys on an imaginary hike.

Seeing butterflies and rainbows, just living my life.

Not a care in the world, or a thought in my mind.

I was young, childish and immature

Playing outside all day were the best days for sure.

Mommy wants me to eat broccoli and veggies all gone,

But veggies were yucky and broccoli I’m not too fond.

All of these things were so important to me,

But then I turned twelve and got new priorities.

My mind was different, more developed and mature,

But my true identity was a bit obscure.

Middle school started, I was in the sixth grade

I was never fond of the spotlight so I stayed in the shade.

I had a loss of confidence, I was quiet, shy and lost,

I just wanted to make friends that year, I’d do anything at any cost.

It was hard to make friends because I was so shy,

And that was with girls, don’t even get me started with guys.

My body was changing, and I was very confused,

My hormones were raging, and my ego was bruised.  

I was chunky and chubby, definitely not slim

I think of those days; my mind was just grim.

I focused on my schoolwork, and really nothing more

Although that sounds really boring, it helped me get high scores.

I thought I was awkward and would never fit in,

But then I started slimming down and became small and thin.  

These were the thoughts that pondered my brain,

Until I turned fifteen and became a little more vain.  

I started to care about my hair, my clothes and my nails,

I started to gossip with new friends, I needed details.

I gained some confidence in myself and came out of my shell,

Everyone now noticed me, finally escaped middle school hell.

There were homecomings to go to, glitz and glam galore,

Football games on Friday nights, come on boys lets score!

Not a care in the world, living young and free

Taking life day by day, letting everything be what it be.

I thought the world was perfect, living life just like a dream

Now I’m 18 I realize things are not always what they seem.

I started applying to college, got accepted and denied,

Got hardly any scholarships, but hey it’s okay I’m fine.

Just looking for my perfect school, oh hey I think I found it

A little Baptist university, my application I shall submit.

I got accepted into this school, I cheer and celebrate

They even gave a scholarship for which I will gratefully take.

This fall I will be attending Houston Baptist University, woohoo go HBU,

I was excited as can be until I realized all that I have to do.

I will be living on my own, without my mom or dad,

It is exciting, scary, exhilarating and even kind of sad.

I used to live my life care free, not a single worry in my mind,

Now I’m about to live on my own in little to no time.

I have grown up from a child to a young adult, not just my body but my brain

My thoughts and worries have changed so much since I was young and free and vain.

Although it is scary to think about, and growing up is a bit of a strife,

This is something I am ready for, DAWGS UP! Time to take on life!


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