The Life Of A Dying "Princess"

I just want to give up
take to many pills
cut a little to deep
not eat enough

something so I can get out of this screw-up world
so I can get rid of the hate
get rid of the people who say they care
but don't

I really want to do it you know
let one of my family members
find my cold unmoving body
on the bathroom floor

or maybe somewhere nicer
like my room
maybe I should just end myself at school
a "friend" or stranger can find me

I know so many people dont care what happens to me
so many people wouldn't notice if I were gone
some could care less
and I thought of another way I could end myself but I'd need a gun

I dont know why I'm writing this
I don't want the people who say there my friends to read this
and then see me at school and give me worried faces
I shouldn't have done this but I need to

this is getting out the heartack
I guess those mean the same thing

I know that if I did pass I would miss a lot of people
but no one would miss me
my mom has five other kids and one on the soon to be forgotten
and my dad...oh my dad never talks to me and blame me for not talking to him

I think I'm done
wish I didn't write this
wish I wasn't allowing the world to read it
but here it is the life of a dying "princess"


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