Life Ballad


United States
35° 22' 55.1424" N, 97° 45' 48.2472" W

Life is short, they say
Live it to the fullest.
Life is a gift, they say
Treasure every minute.

What a tragedy, they say
When a young person dies.
They went too soon, they say
They had their whole life ahead of them.

Life is precious, they say
So live like it’s your last day.
Time is golden, they say
So don’t waste it away.

These lessons are true, they say
So take heed and listen.
Take my advice, they say
And cherish the little things.

It was an accident, they say
Going to a clinic.
I wasn’t ready, they say
After the abortion.

Life is a gift, they say
But they took someone’s so carelessly.
Life is precious, they say
But they threw it away like garbage.

Listen to me, I say
Life is a beautiful thing.
Don’t take it away, I say
Why destroy what we create?


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