The Life

Stacks, racks, cars, and hoes

Half naked women in videos

Unmeaningdul and unrelatable lyrics

Yet fans buy and supports

A lifestyle they could never afford

They don't understand what they see, no

They can't comprehend what I say though

When I say this lifestyle is overated

These people weren't really happy with the life they once hated 

All they wanted was to "make it"

But their old they appreciate it,

Cause back then it wasn't appreciated...

But they can't go back now

Bound to this lifestyle they ever so dreamed about

And they think the only way out is to go out and consume

What is only a tranquilizer for an hour or two

Until they can't take it.

They no longer can deal 

They say how it's gotten so real

So they go to him, cause he deal

So he gives, and they take

Then they break.... Away.. From life... Forever




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