Thu, 03/14/2019 - 18:29 -- kwabzz

As a child you're painted a picture perfect story book

fairytales with princesses and princes 

being painted as superiority 

more or less perfect and humble 

and you believe it 

but I can't blame you

I fell for the same trick 

As you grow you watch things on t.v 

deceived by materialistic things 

the things that seem desirable 

but those things are not what they seem to be

so you fall in the trap 

wanting to grow up in a rush

the money, the lifestyle and the fame 

after a while you realize that 

it was all alie 

the things you saw on t.v 

you grow up wishing you could take it all back

wanting to ve deceived again

because it all happened so fast 

and the things your parents tried to protect you from 

are the things eating you from the inside out

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Our world
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