Childhood... Thats the past.

I know I Could... Thats the future.

Life is Good... Thats the present.

Scared of Woods... Thats the past.

Manhood... Thats the future.

College Brainfood... Thats the present.

Read you Should... Thats forever.

The Phillies Winning... Thats the past.

Women and Grinning... That the present.

My Children Twinning... Thats the future.

Stealing and Sinning... Thats the past.

God and New Beginnings... Thats the present.

Happiness and Meaning... Thats the future.

Believing in Myself... Thats forevor.


This is what make me happy...


Its the past.


i have come a long way


This is what makes me laugh see...


Its the present.


i have a long way


This is what gives me hope...


Its the future.


i have come a long way







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