Lies My Mother Told Me

Sat, 04/12/2014 - 01:39 -- tammyk

She told me we were forever. 

She told me she would never leave.

She even told me that we would stay together because I was tw baby with a mistaken name.

When she held me close, she told me that's where I was suppose to be but she lied to me. 

Everything wasn't glitter and gold, it was fire and ice dementing my soul. 

I would scream and cry out bit all aw sis was state.

Her eyes festered in my head like the unforeseen future, it consumed me whole. 

I thought the bound between mother and daughter was was so strong but the bond was only between mother and a lost song. 

She twisted my head, she feed me sin. She even let me watch as she did it again, to a more innocent me... My baby sister 

Who is just as alone as I am. I wish I could do to her what she did to me, I want her to see what it feels like to be a child who doesn't know know true thing about loving something as much as he didn't love me 


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