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As I saw your withered corpse,
I refused to believe this lie
A somber desire, a raging fire
Unleashed in solemn goodbye
No pill could cure your ailment,
No light could halt the shadow
That swept across your soul
Engulfed by endless sorrow
Fleeting bouts of laughter
Bright smiles and glistening eyes
Crushed to dust, meaningless
The moment you had died
You defied the searing agony
And left to us your pride
I remember your soft words
“Never run and hide”
Never have you cowered
Or fled in shameful fright,
You warred against the demons
Despite your vile plight,
Why has death chosen you
To suffer with such pain?
Whose fierce compassion thawed
The most nefarious of men?
Incapable of wickedness,
You have never once betrayed,
An angel among endless sin
So why must you die this way?
Even on the verge of tears,
You battled the lull of death
Alone, you fought against it
Beyond your final breath
Yet still your heart stopped beating
You felt the void seep through
And smothered in a cold embrace,
Love could not save you.
Desperate, I cling to the hope
That it was but a cruel dream,
An illusion, a twisted mirage
Where none but I hear my screams
But never have I awoken from
This eternal nightmare,
A cadaver, frail and rotting,
I stumble as far as I dare
How maddening is this torture,
To not know why one must die,
And for you, my fearless abuelita
I will never believe this lie.
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Wow! God bless you and help you through your loss. I can feel your pain through every word you wrote. Please don't fall apart. Please keep going on strong. For though those feelings of hurt are killing you now, they won't kill you for long. Once again, God bless you! Keep writing on my friend.

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