the libra

She has no understanding of her needs
She takes pride in the sensitivities of others
The Libra
She has planted these roots in my life
So I may as well call her my wife
She nurtured and taught me wrong from right
She unlatched my palms to retract the knife of uncertainty
Siphoning hatred from my life to restore my abilities
The Libra
Unlike Mother Nature
Is family; my home
The welcoming I can condone in
My wife, my lover
She’s unlike any other
Man that I’m in love with
She uncovers my Mr. Right whom I figured a myth
The Libra
Has no face
She is only seen through growth and gain
Remember that name
Because the future can’t contain
The rhythm and flow of her lyrical game
So guard your ears before you hear
‘Cause the bang of her bass might make you go insane.
-Ashley Browning


Ashley Browning

I'm a libra

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

very descriptive

nice way to define libra-great job

nice poem overall

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