Liberty and Justice for ALL

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 16:07 -- mcgim13


United States
37° 26' 42.6264" N, 90° 37' 13.5012" W

It isn't fair.
It shouldn't matter what color
your skin or hair.

It's a type of insanity,
a crime against humanity.

With racism and prejudice, we destroy one another.
But we should be able to look each other in the eyes and see a brother.

I love my country, freedoms, and rights,
none of which would be mine without other's fights.
But why me?
What did I do to deserve these privileges?

I see people of all colors fight every day,
each in their own unique way.
Those are the people who deserve this bliss.

So let's come together and end this unkindness.


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