letting the suffocation go

Feels like I'm suffocating in the middle of the street and no one can see me dying,
No one acknowledges me crying,
Until I finnaly sit upon a ledge, 30 story's up
Ready to give up
No one see's it as a cry for help
Do I really have to yelp for you to notice
I was about to jump until
This man
Told me to stand
And take his hand
Said he'd take me to the beach and we could walk in the sand
While he told me his plan
He said he saw himself in me
He could feel my energy
For the first time I didn't feel alone
He bought me an icecream cone
It made my insides shutter
And each time he look at me he'd studder
We finally kissed
his lips felt like butter
I realized he was my guardian angel
He called me his butterfly
Said he saw how beautiful I was inside
And that it made him sad I didn't realize
If he could he'd let me look through his eyes
So I could see the things I seem to hide
We continued to conversate
And I told him I had been through a lot of pain
He said I had so much to gain
He changed my outlook on the world
With every word my stomach curled
And as time passed on
I began to love him and he loved me
And for the first in my life
I was genuinely living happily

This poem is about: 
Our world


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