Letter To Robot Wars

Dear Robot Wars,


Here’s to you, Robot Wars!

Here’s to your hosts, house robots, hazards, judges, and competitors.

Here’s to your specials and your special place in my heart.

Here’s to your never ending, unquenchable hunger to find and deliver the best!


Here’s to you, the people!

Here’s to Jonathan Pierce, the voice behind the violence. The man behind the mayhem!

Here’s to Angela Scanlon, the woman who interviews the robots large and small!

Here’s to Dara O Briain, the man in the suit and tie, ready to talk about those who fry.

Here’s to the judges: Noel, Sethu, and Lucy. The three judges who value fair play!

Here’s to the House Robots. Keep on coming out swinging!

Here’s to the bread of the show: the structure providers!


Here’s to you, the people behind the scenes!

Here’s to the guys and girls that put the show together.

Here’s to the guys and girls that make the magic happen.

Here’s to the guys and girls that put the pieces back together when they fly off the arena.

Here’s to the guys and girls that labor away in the shadows, putting it all together!

Here’s to the underappreciated condiments of the show: the pizazz!


Here’s to you, the competitors!

Here’s to the veterans, those who have fought forever! Keep coming back!

Here’s to the newbies, the young guns. Keep on coming!

Here’s to the jokesters, the ones that fight for fun. Keep making me laugh!

Here’s to the innovators, the new designers. Keep impressing me!

Here’s to the heavy hitters, the shin splitters. Keep on bringing the hard knocks!

Here’s to the skillful drivers. Keep putting me on the edge of my seat!

Here’s to the meat and vegetables of the show: those who fight until the very end!


Here’s to all that makes the show great: the bread, condiments, meat, and vegetables!

Here’s to those that came before, and those that will carry on into the future!

Here’s to the builders, old and new, far and wide!

Here’s to a generation of innovators and creators that started over 20 years ago!


Here’s to you, Robot Wars!


-Kollier Wallace


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