Letter to My Daddy


United States
28° 22' 32.3292" N, 81° 21' 42.984" W

Dear Daddy,
You are as strong and powerful as the largest tsunami
No being, natural, supernatural, cosmic, earthbound, or mythological
Sits higher, stands taller, or rules better than you
You are my pride and the reason for the smile on my face
I set my eyes on you for guidance in everything I do
Use me to do your works in the world around me
Let me do the miracles of your hands and walk the ways of your feet
Show me where you want me to share your grace
Do you want me to travel the world or stay in one place?
Let the Holy Spirit guide me unto what to do
I want to be used by you in everything I do
What is my purpose down here on this earth?
Explain to me the details like you did for Noah
When you told him how to build the ark
So that I may execute your plan without a single flaw
I ask that you take me gracefully when it is my time to go
Show me that you are taking me to be with you forever
I want to praise you with endless tears of joy
I am not ashamed to embrace your name
I will dance for you, sing to you, and praise you
Because those are the only things my little mind knows how to do
I give my life to you as if it is mine to give
I want you to pick me up, wrap me in your arms, and carry me away
Show me your glory like you did to Moses in front of the burning bush
Speak life in me so that I may speak of you unto others
Let me be your hands to do your works and go where you lead me
Break every chain that holds me back from you
I love you more than anything, Daddy


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