A Letter to My Body

I’m sorry for how much I hated you How I shattered glass to hide from your reflection For the pain I put you through The scars that now cover your hips and thighs An array of silver lines that took forever to heal  I’m sorry for starving you Pushing you to the breaking point By purging everything leaving you with an empty shell The countless times I’ve pushed my ribs apart To try to escape and free myself  I’m sorry for the tear stains Permanently etched into your cheeks From the years I spent trying to bury my agony and pain inside you For the black circles under your eyes The restless nights I spent staring wide awake at the blank wall  I’m sorry that your brown eyes have lost their light They are now dark, empty, and astray That they no longer see color But only strands of black and grayIn a world that’s already dark enough  I’m sorry for the years you spent carrying a blackened soul You deserve more than this  I’m sorry I wasn’t better for you You deserved love and kindnessInstead I almost broke you I hope the scars will fade and your smile returns That you will heal And become whole once again  Maybe One day I will find a home in you And I hope That day comes soon -Stargazer 

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