A letter to Love

Wed, 05/13/2015 - 10:05 -- Bella87

Dear Love

he is captivated by the style and grace that exudes from an aura like mine
His masculine complimented my subtle but radiant feminine
as i laid eyes on him
reminding myself to smile and maintain good posture
A Thursday night kind of composure
My fragrance and his presence
were soaked in kisses and drenched in jazz
making music out of movement
a little Robert Glasper to guide his loving hands all over this brown brass
instrument of my body
strong grip
supple skin against eager finger tips
as the passion filled desire burst in my belly
Some Coltrane melody
ignited our mutual obsession for the blues incessantly
Our bond is bound by word and sound
Our souls inclined by a love supreme so profound
The love we share remains sun-soaked and effortlessly prone to the invasion of jazz notes
Our perfect midnight entails
Terrace Martins soothing saxophone
paperplanes,soul food,poetry and we are good to go
He used only three words to describe me
Strong Beautiful and Black
I commend his accuracy,lol
Sincerely Yours

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